Posted on: September 27, 2008 9:03 pm

NFL Week 3 In Review (Transcribed from 9/25 post)

I know, it's Wednesday but it has just taken me so long to digest what exactly happened this weekend. The Bills are 3-0. The Patriots were swallowed whole by the Dolphins. Brett Favre played like the last Jets QB. And, no, say it ain't so...Gus Frerotte won a game. If the NFL was in any way like Wall Street, there would be analysts leaping to their deaths right now.
Let's start with Monday night. The last time Favre and Rivers met, Favre showed his legendar status. This time? Not exactly the same story. Rivers was slinging passes left and right, up and down. Favre, on the other hand, slung passes to the Chargers. But it wasn't all Favre's fault out there two nights ago. In fact, I have a bone to pick with his coach, Eric Mangini. Despite how much I wish it were so sometimes, I am, sad to say, not an NFL coach. But I'd like to think I would know what to do in some situations. Like if I was going for a two point conversion and, after three Charger penalties, the ball was exactly 9 inches off the goaline. Would I line up 5 receivers with my QB in the shotgun? No, I don't think I would. And like I said, I'm not even a coach, so Mr. Mangini, why did you do such a thing? I mean, for crying out loud, Brett Favre could've blown the ball over the goaline from where it was sitting!
But Monday night's game was only the awkward period at the end of a very confusing sentence that was the third week in the NFL. The Patriots lost 38-13 to the Miami Dolphins, the team that has won as many game as the Patriots have lost since the start of last year: one. But five Ronnie Brown TD's later, the Patriots looked like they were on the receiving end of the second Boston Massacre (On side note: If you started Ronnie Brown this weekend and picked up those points in your Fantasy League, you should know you have wisdom beyond your years).
So with the traditional dynasties falling left and right, there is however, one prediction holding true: the beast that is the NFC East. I have not seen a more impressive division in such a season in recent history. Two losses among all four teams, and the two losses were within the division. Sure we expected the Cowboys to be 3-0, but the the Giants? And the Eagles and Redskins at 2-1? Based on the way they've played so far, I would go so far as to say if these four teams were spread out through the four NFC division, we would have our four division winners. We knew this year that the NFC East would be a monster division, but this early domination over the league is unheard of.
And while we're talking about impressive divisions, it's just as easy to talk about the unimpressive ones. Say the AFC North? Cleveland's 0-3. Cincy's 0-3. Baltimore has a win, but it came over Cleveland. In fact the only silver lining on this gloomy cloud are the Steelers, and they were handled this week by the Eagles. The Steelers undoubtedly will wint he division but don't expect an AFC wild card out of the remaining three and I don't see the Steelers going very far in the playoffs.
Now don't get me wrong, there are dangerous teams in the AFC. The Colts? No. The Patriots? Not anymore. No, how about the Bills? Or the Titans? Even the Broncos? All three are undefeated and looking to stay that way. But can the three early Cinderellas stay dancing past the stroke of midnight. I wouldn't go that far. The Titans should win their division. I mean, who's going to stop them? The Colts? It doesn't appear that way so far. And the Jaguars and Texans have even less of a chance. But can the Bills finish on top of the Patriots. Why not? So far they have handedly destroyed team after team, while the Patriots squeaked by the Jets and lost to the Dolphins (at home, mind you). Buffalo is fast, sleek, and exciting while it seems like the Patriots have yet to do anything impressively, much less win. So then about the Broncos? They are certainly exciting so far and there is no doubt they have one hell of an offense. They may even pick up a wild card, but I don't see them winning the division. While the Denver is 3-0, San Diego should be. They lost on one good pass to Carolina and they were cheated out of a win with Denver. Now that they're back to their winning ways, I don't see them stopping anytime soon.
So, as the pieces fall, the picture so far looks nothing like what we expected. But it is, of course, only Week 3. We have 14 more weeks to go. The only question is are those weeks going to be ones of normalcy or chaos?
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NFL Week 2 In Review

Wow. What a way to end the week with that Monday Night Game. It was a shootout for sure! You had Tony Romo slinging TD's, Donovan McNabb hitting his targets, DeSean Jackson shooting himself in the foot. There was all kinds of gunslinging action going on last night.
But Tony Kornheiser was right, it was the kind of game where you have to appreciate what you are watching. In fact, the only people upset by that game are probably those who had either Philadelphia or Dallas as their starting fantasy defense.
But as good as that game was, the rematch looks to be even better. Last night, you had two offensive megaweapons bruising and bashing each other over the course of 60 minutes to a point where the two teams finished within four point of each other. The are the same two teams that by and large everyone expects to finish one and two in the NFC East, a division that is super close year in and year out. So when do these teams meet again? The answer is the last week of the season. Not only could it be a potential playoff matchup, but it could be a Week 17 game to decide the division, one in which whoever wins is automatically included in discussions of a Super Bowlappearance. Could that be hyped up anymore with 4 months to go?
But last night's game wasn't the only action that is noteworthy for this second week. There was Shanahan's semi-psychotic-flash-of-genius decision to go for two. But after the call they got on that botched throw from Cutler, Shanahan must have thought there were some forces of nature behind his team. And with the way Cutler threaded the needle on that conversion after failing to even throw the ball forward just a few plays prior, I'm not one to disagree. There really must be angels in Denver's backfield. Just don't expect Danny Glover to play Mike Shanahan.
Speaking of supernatural forces, how much bad karma does Norv Turner have? He's now lost two games he was favored to win right at the end. And this is the team that everyone was saying could be raising the trophy in February. Actually, though, given last year's champ, maybe starting 0-2 is the right way to get to the Super Bowl. Now all we need is for Turner to have his head in the guillotine as his team makes an 8-play goaline stand next week to win the game (Don't ask the Redskins to make an encore appearance for that, though.)
But that wasn't all that happened in Week 2. The Patriots won with Cassel, the Colts redeemed themselves from that Sunday night blunder, and Buffalo Bills are 2-0. Yeah, the Bills. I know. Forget the Jets could Buffalo be the team to challenge New England for the division. It'll take me a fe wmore weeks to be convinced, but with Brady down, the Jets having Favre and the Bills winning, it seems pretty clear that anything this year is possible.
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