Posted on: February 24, 2009 8:30 am

Apparently it's superstars that make you "super"

Take Oklahoma and Davidson for example. A few days ago Oklahoma was ready to become the number one overall. Then Blake Griffin suffers perhaps the oddest concussion ever scene in sports (with the exception of Gus Frerotte's infamous celebration) and what do you have now? A team that loses to unranked Texas and No. 15 Kansas. We were asking if they would be number one in the country. Now were asking if they'll even get a number one seed.

Then there's Davidson, one of those rare Mid-Majors who cracked the Top 25. They flat out dominated their fellow Mid-Major competition and were even beating teams from the powerhouses of the ACC and Big East. There was nothing that could stop them, except say Stephen Curry's ankle? Two and a half months after being the likes of West Virginia in West Virginia, Davidson lost to the Citadel by nearly 20 and was equally handled by Butler a few days later.

Now the skeptics will say it's just a "few bad games." That's just simply not the case here. You don't snap a 13 game winning streak (and 25 of your 26 games) with back to back losses coincidentally at the same time the favorite for player of the year suffers a concussion. You don't win 12 of your last 13 games and then lose to the Citadel coincidentally at the same time your star player goes down.

So forget all those coaches who lecture "he is only one man." Because while he is only one man, it's clear now he is also the lifeforce of your team. And when he goes down, it seems pretty clear now your just not the same team.

Posted on: February 21, 2009 6:34 pm

Upsets making the bubble picture crowded

"Go home and write down all the teams you think that are on the bubble for the tournament. Then pick 34 to get in. You'll see it's harder than it looks."

Seth Davis says that laughing, almost taunting, neh, daring anyone to try and decide who should go dancing and who shouldn't. The fact of the matter is, he's right.This year's Selection Sunday is almost undoubtedly going to have more heartbreak than normal.

how crowded will it be? Just look at what we learned today.

Stephen Curry and Davidson will most likely have to win their conference tournament in order to get an invite. A month ago, we would've laughed at the fact. But today, as Butler, another team that better win their tournament just to be sure, handedly beat them at home in a game where Curry looked more like an obstacle for Davidson than the phenom he is said to be, all that seems to have changed.

And let's not forget about Maryland. They were already on the bubble and just knocked off #3 UNC. And they're probably still on the outside looking in. They'll most likely need to be Duke in their upcoming game and give a solid performance in the tournament just to have a fair shot. Who wouldathunkit?

But perhaps the craziest part of it all is the Big East, a conference that will likely send 8, possibly 9 teams to the tournament. You'd think with such a crowded load of temas already going the picture in the Big East would be pretty much set, right? Far from. Suppose the top 8 in the standings right now are good to get the nod. Then factor in Georgetown, Notre Dame, and Providence are still on the bubble. Then factor in that there are only 5 other teams in the 16-team conference. Then factor in that only one of those remaining 5 teams has an overall winning record.

Just step back and look at that as a bigger picture. 11 teams in one conference are still fighting to get into the tournament. There are 19 conferences in the NCAA with 11 teams or fewer!

But don't just blame the Big East for the crowded picture. Okay, do, but shake your fingers at these other guys. The ACC will most likely also send 8 and break some hearts in the process. The Pac-10 (named so for its 10 teams, if you didn't know) will send at least half of their teams. The Big 12 may only send somewhere between 3 and 5, they'll burst at least that many bubbles if not more.

It's crazy I know. And the worst part is, those who'll be the most upset come Selection Sunday will almost undoubtedly be the fans of Mid-Major schools. Just do the math, with three major conferences alone putting up 30 teams to contest for a total of 34 at-large seats, how can there be room for any Mid-Major team that is anything but spectacular this year?

To use a downright terrible metaphor, if the NCAA were a soft drink, this year it would be particularly fizzy going into selection sunday. And with only 34 bubbles able to stay afloat, the attrition rate looks to be painful.

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