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Posted on: March 3, 2009 3:47 pm

Off-the-wall Offseason!

We're a month removed from the Super Bowl and the NFL headlines seem to be just as exciting. Why? Because there seems to be as many superstars taking Jets and hiring movers as there are journeyman players this season. Usually, the NFL junkies of the world get one hit in the offseason in the form of a big name player. Favre retires, comes back to the Jets. McNair to Baltimore. A story here and a story there. For someone on the Jones, one good story isn't a good enough fix for the long almost half-year those junkies must go without football.

But this year is quite different. There's almost too many big moves being made to digest. And with the state the economy is in now, the amount of money being thrown around is laughable. However, it just wouldn't be right to rant on the moves...

Matt Cassel, Mike Vrabel traded to Kansas City for 2nd Round Pick
As much as you can commend the Patriots for quietly resolving what could've been a huge quarterback controversy, credit also has to be given to the Chiefs. As much as we've seen from Matt Cassel the best guess on him seems to be that he's a starter-caliber player. Vrabel may not be the linebacker that he once was, but he can still play and his mentoring value is significant. So how much do you pay for a starting QB and veteran linebacker? The Chiefs paid for it with a single second round pick. That's certainly more than I wrote down. Back to the Patriots, kudos to them on avoiding controversy and clearing some cap room. Now even the star-studded Patriots can go into the free agency market with a little spending money.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh signs with Seattle
Yeah, sure, you might scratch your head at this one at first, but put yourself in T.J.'s shoes. Your star QB was out all last season which precipitated a team-wide downfall. Furthermore, the rest of the receiving corps. your in is comprised of a lesser known Henry who, while having enormous potential, has yet to burst onto the scene and the walking, talking clown that is Chad Johnson. Wouldn't you take your first ticket out, even if it was to a team in full rebuilding mode? At least in Seattle, T.J. can know he is the go-to guy and doesn't have to share the spotlight with a guy who seems to be more and more suited to be a halftime show than a professional wide receiver.

Albert Haynesworth signs with Washington
This one looks like it will have to be one of those "wait and see's". Haynesworth could be the most talented player on the market, but going to a struggling Washington offense, his impact remains uncertain. However, the Redskins have made a few other smart moves like resigning DeAngelo Hall. Perhaps one or two more sleepers in the draft, and Washington's defense is on the road to recovery. If they can reattain that Top 5 defense they once had, there will be 4 legitimate threats in the NFC East.

Chris Canty signs with New York Giants
It's almost always a risk when you leave one NFC East team for another. In this case, however, leaving Dallas was probably a smart move for Canty, even if his destination isn't the most desirable for him. The Cowboys are still reeling from the bad P.R. tsunami that was Pacman Jones (No, Adam, you're back to being called Pacman) and many still believe leaving Wade Phillips in power there is an error in judgement. Whatever the deal is, the Cowboys, however good, have struggled to go very far in the postseason in almost a decade, leaving many to believe there is some sort of glass ceiling in Dallas that has yet to be broken. Even if you leave for a conference rival like New York, at least you know a team that has recently gone past that glass ceiling and is never out of the running to do it again.

Posted on: March 4, 2008 5:25 pm

Fire Sale in New England

About 10 or 11 months ago, a perfect storm was forming in New England. An acqusition here, a trade there. Finally, when Randy Moss got sent to the Patriots during the NFL draft, it became clear: A new dynasty was in the works.

From there, most people know what happens. Not to be a spoiler, but they lost the Super Bowl as they were stunned by the wild card team that some argued wouldn't break .500 that season.

For a second, the world held their breath. What happens after 18-1? Do we just wait for next season? Is it wrong to laugh at this point? Then about a month ago, talk began. Talk about Patriots leaving. People wanted out of New England. Was there a bad taste in their mouth still? Was the bad PR of Spygate enough to drive them away? No one really knows. One thing's for sure, they didn't leave for a better team. If a free agent wanted to sign with a team that had the best chance to make it to the Super Bowl, it seems clear the Patriots were just that. Yeah, they had lost the Super Bowl, but guys, shit happens. And the fact of the matter was no one was retiring, no one was leaving, and they had a top pick in the upcoming draft. They were in prime shape to make another run at the title. But alas, players, critical ones at that, began to bail.

Asante Samuel got the ball rolling, as he left for the Eagles. Than Randall Gay and Stallworth. Names that defense and offenses of the NF: feared in New England were leaving, and in record pace. It was a fire sale, all acquired talent must go. For a time there was a real scare that they would lose Randy Moss.

Yes, Moss stayed, but is that something to celebrate? Whose gonna line up opposite of him? Wes Welker? Please. The guy is a slot receiver, nothing else. And whose left to scare people into not passing the ball? Rodney Harrison? A beast sure, but the old veteran defensive backs are a dying breed. The young, potent weapons are what the Patriots needed to hold onto, and they couldn't.

Alas, the once high-octane, high-powered football vehicle that was the New England Patriots crashed just short of the finish line. And now, instead of salvaging it, it is being stripped for parts. Parts named Samuel and Stallworth and Gay. Parts that, while not the biggest, most beautiful pieces of the Patriots, will be sorely missed come next season. That much is for sure.
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