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Posted on: February 24, 2009 8:30 am

Apparently it's superstars that make you "super"

Take Oklahoma and Davidson for example. A few days ago Oklahoma was ready to become the number one overall. Then Blake Griffin suffers perhaps the oddest concussion ever scene in sports (with the exception of Gus Frerotte's infamous celebration) and what do you have now? A team that loses to unranked Texas and No. 15 Kansas. We were asking if they would be number one in the country. Now were asking if they'll even get a number one seed.

Then there's Davidson, one of those rare Mid-Majors who cracked the Top 25. They flat out dominated their fellow Mid-Major competition and were even beating teams from the powerhouses of the ACC and Big East. There was nothing that could stop them, except say Stephen Curry's ankle? Two and a half months after being the likes of West Virginia in West Virginia, Davidson lost to the Citadel by nearly 20 and was equally handled by Butler a few days later.

Now the skeptics will say it's just a "few bad games." That's just simply not the case here. You don't snap a 13 game winning streak (and 25 of your 26 games) with back to back losses coincidentally at the same time the favorite for player of the year suffers a concussion. You don't win 12 of your last 13 games and then lose to the Citadel coincidentally at the same time your star player goes down.

So forget all those coaches who lecture "he is only one man." Because while he is only one man, it's clear now he is also the lifeforce of your team. And when he goes down, it seems pretty clear now your just not the same team.

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