Posted on: February 19, 2009 6:33 pm

Tiger is back! Golf world breathes relief

Today, Tiger Woods announced that he is coming back after finishing his last tournament essentially on one leg eight months ago. A statement on his website announced that Woods would be back for Accenture Match Play which starts in about a week. Woods said that he felt his leg is good to play on.

So what does this mean for the golf world? For one thing they can relax. Like it or not, Woods is the life blood of the PGA tour, at least from a national exposure perspective. By now, the world has come to terms with the fact that Tiger is one of the greatest golfers to ever play, if not the best. Therefore, when Tiger plays more people cover it. Why? Because if you have a star like Tiger playing, it's not just golf, it's potential history.

The same bodes true for every sport. Headlines, by nature, become bigger when they have historical relevance. The difference between golf and say, football or basketball, however, is that the latter sports have more to fall back on when, say, an NFL or NBA legend isn't playing. Sure it helps to have hall of famers on the field, but if they don't, millions of people will still watch professional and college football and basketball. Golf is different, however. Golf has to fight for it's share of the spotlight, and more so now than ever before.

That's because we're in an age where all smaller, less covered sports are seeing a rise in exposure. Thanks to men like Travis Pastrana, the X Games are a legitimate event in most people's eyes. They even put snowboarding in the Olympics several years ago. Simple progress, sure, but the symbolism is overwhelming. Even quasi-sports like poker are getting air time on the likes of ESPN. With all this going on, I ask you how can golf NOT be relieved their superstar is back?

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